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How to Grow Snow-In-Summer Plants (Where They Thrive)

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Taxonomy and Botany of Snow-In-Summer season Crops

Plant taxonomy classifies snow-in-summer vegetation as Cerastium tomentosum. These colorfully named vegetation are categorized as herbaceous perennials.

Traits of the Crops

Snow-in-summer vegetation get their frequent identify from their blooming behavior. They bloom profusely within the early summer time, and the flowers are a pristine white — suggesting a recent snowfall — with little notches minimize into them.

However their identify doesn’t inform the entire story. This ground cover is simply as admired for its delicate, woolly, silver leaves as for its charming flowers. The vegetation develop to be 6-12 inches tall, with a width 12-18 inches. They unfold rapidly by reseeding themselves and by producing runners when grown in situations favorable to them (see under).

Planting Zones, Solar and Soil Necessities 

Indigenous to western Asia and to Europe, snow-in-summer vegetation are generally grown in USDA plant hardiness zones Three-7. They can be grown in zones Eight-10, however they’re short-lived in such heat areas. In truth, even in zones Three-7, they are going to be short-lived the place summers are sizzling and humid.

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