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How to Properly Use a Chef’s Knife – Photo Tutorial

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Both of these claw grips is acceptable, so use whichever one you feel comfortable with. You may want to start off with chopping an onion to practice getting comfortable with how to use a chef's knife..If you're struggling to chop food safely and efficiently, ensure that you're using the right tools like a good cutting board and chef's knife . Learn how to hold the knife correctly and use the right chopping technique for your kitchen task. With a little practice, you'll become more confident and capable at chopping food..

Serving Food Properly An Often Misunderstood Practice Most people in the US think that all food should be served from the left and removed from the right..An itamae a cook, chef is a cook in a Japanese kitchen or a chef of a large restaurant especially of high end Japanese cuisine . The term can be translated literally as "in front of the board," referring to a cutting board While it is not necessary to be Japanese in order to be considered an itamae, non Japanese people must prove themselves worthy of such ale..

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