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14 Authentic Easter Bread Recipes from Eastern Europe

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Follow Me Foo.'s Sunday Night Dinner Series Follow Me Footo a traditional Ukrainian Easter dinner, ideas recipes! !.A bagel Yiddish baygl Polish bajgiel , also spelled beigel, is a bread product originating in the Jewish communities of Poland.It is traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring from yeasted wheat dough, roughly hand sized, that is first boiled for a short time in water and then baked..

! It's a Sunday Night Ukrainian Easter Dinner Series! Chocolate eggs one week and . Ukrainian Easter Bread the next? I'll be bringing my basket! This is more or less a traditional Ukrainian dinner prepared by the Pazukha's how's that for a last name? Recipes too!.At its most basic, traditional bagel dough contains wheat flour without germ orn , salt, water, and yeast leavening. Bread flour or other high gluten flours are preferred to create the firm, dense but spongy bagel shape and chewy texture. Most bagel recipes for the addition of a sweetener to the dough, often barley malt syrup or crystals , .

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