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Introduction to Australian and New Zealand Food

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Australia is the world's smallest continent. Lying southeast of Asia between the Pacific and Indian oceans, its diverse landscapes and climates are home to a wide variety of plants and animals..There was a time when the New Zealand dinner was a slab of meat, a dollop of mashed potato and a mound of boiled cabbage. Now, most of us have become more adventurous in our tastes..

New Zealand Mori Aotearoa [ataa] is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.The sovereign state geographi.y comprises two main landm.esthe North Island Te Ika a Mui , and the South Island Te Waipounamu and around smaller islands.New Zealand is situated some , kilometres mi east of Australia across the Tasman Sea and roughly , .Food Timeline history notes Australia New Zealand. American impact Dr. Michael Symons chronicles the introduction of foreign foods to Australia in his book One Continuous Picnic A History of Eating in Australia.According to Dr. Symons, the first American products arrived in your country in the middle of the th century..

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The face of Australian meals is ever-changing. It’s various and revolutionary. It incorporates native produce and produce launched by the numerous cultures dwelling in Australia right this moment.

Fusion Cooking

Australian meals borrows flavors from Thai, Chinese language, Japanese, Indian, French, German, Lebanese, Vietnamese and Mediterranean delicacies, amongst others. These influences have permeated into all ranges of consuming, from first-class eating institutions to the native fish and chip retailers the place serving Thai candy chili sauce with the whole lot is now the norm.

With an abundance of incomparable contemporary produce, Australian cooks are pushing the culinary boundaries and providing diners distinctive flavors infused with cultural variety.

Fashionable Australia is a culinary drive to be reckoned with. Nevertheless, it has not all the time been so. Till comparatively lately, Australian meals was neither this various nor this glamorous. The truth is, it has solely been within the final twenty years that cooks have began fusing flavors to supply what is called Fashionable Australian or “Mod-Oz” delicacies.


Whereas beef, rooster, and pork are extensively consumed, the recognition of native meats equivalent to Kangaroo is rising. Kangaroo is a darkish, gamey meat that’s excessive in iron and low in fats and ldl cholesterol. It’s roughly similar to venison.

Lamb is a favourite amongst Australians. Lamb chops, cutlets, racks and roasts are extensively consumed.


As an island nation, Australia boasts an abundance of seafood equivalent to oysters, abalone, lobster, prawns, and crayfish.

Marine fisheries are helped by the wealthy chilly currents from Antarctica. Having coastlines on each the Indian and Pacific oceans, in addition to inland river programs and wetlands, Australia boasts a broad vary of native fish species.

Among the most well-known freshwater species embrace Barramundi, Murray Cod and all kinds of Perch.

The Oceans in the meantime yield Yellowtail, Kingfish, Bream, Snapper, Crimson Emperor and Orange Roughy.

British Beginnings

Conventional Australian fare naturally took its roots from the extra modest and hearty English food regimen. British immigrants moved to the Colonies and introduced their recipes with them. These comprised of roasted or stewed meats, breads, puddings and pies.

Up till in regards to the 1970s, Australian households ate a “meat and three veg” food regimen which generally consisted of lamb, beef or rooster, and root greens.

The European Inflow

Within the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s Australia noticed a brand new wave of immigration from Europe and the Mediterranean. The face Australian delicacies would by no means be the identical. These immigrants introduced with them unusual and great issues… like garlic!

With the Italian, Greek and German migration, got here pasta, espresso, olives and spicy, cured meats. New strategies of baking breads have been launched together with cheese and winemaking for which Australia is now well-known.

The Asian Contribution

For the reason that 1980s, Asian Immigration has been way more prevalent, now making up nearly 6% of the inhabitants. Australians’ urge for food for Asian meals has grown too. Australian cooks have been incorporating spices, coconut milk, ginger and lemongrass from India, China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Again to the Future: Dreamtime fusion

Australia has come a good distance, in fast time, on its culinary journey. Australian Cooks have traveled the world to develop their abilities and have come house solely to seek out inspiration in their very own again yard.

This inspiration is coming from the rediscovery of the eons-old delicacies of the indigenous Australians. For hundreds of years, Aboriginal folks survived and flourished on the fruits of the land.

Meats included kangaroo, small marsupials, emus, crocodiles, dugongs (a big marine mammal carefully associated to the ocean cow) and turtles. Fish and shellfish have been accessible to tribes dwelling primarily across the coastal areas. There have been native fruits, a few of that are making their method into eating places for the primary time, equivalent to “Quandongs,” also called a “wild peach” or “dessert peach” and the “Riberry,” a tart-cranberry-like fruit.

New Zealand Meals is much like Australian meals: each their roots are in British and Irish meals. There are variations, nevertheless. Maoris (indigenous New Zealanders) and immigrants from different Pacific Islands make up a big proportion of the inhabitants. Consequently, there’s a robust Polynesian affect in New Zealand delicacies. Historical staples like “Kumara” (a candy potato), play a big function within the Kiwi Just lately, different worldwide flavors, particularly from South East Asia, have been fused with extra conventional New Zealand recipes.


With an abundance of contemporary seafood, meats, dairy and greens, New Zealanders put a big emphasis on utilizing native and seasonal produce.


New Zealand can also be well-known for Kiwifruit. Though kiwifruit will not be native to New Zealand, it’s a very fashionable fruit crop. Kiwifruit, additionally identified merely as “kiwi”, got here from China and, for a time, have been often known as “Chinese language gooseberries.” Kiwifruit was adopted as the brand new title for the fruit when New Zealand started to export them within the 1950’s.


The “Tamarillo,” or “Tree Tomato” is a crimson or yellow subtropical fruit that’s extremely well-liked amongst Kiwis. Tamarillos, curiously, are each candy and tart. They’re utilized in chutneys, eaten with ice cream, and blended with mayonnaise (their makes use of are nearly infinite).


Hen is probably the most widely-consumed meat in New Zealand. Nevertheless, it’s not for its rooster that New Zealand is thought. New Zealand lamb is world-famous. A lot of the nation is good for elevating sheep and cattle with an abundance of pastoral land. New Zealanders even have a style for venison.

Lamb performs a big function within the Kiwi food regimen the place the Sunday lamb roast is a household establishment. The lamb that’s eaten right this moment, nevertheless, is way leaner than the lamb that was consumed by earlier generations. The style for hogget and mutton, each with larger fats contents than lamb, has been changed with the style for a sweeter, milder meat.


As an Island nation, it shouldn’t be shocking that the New Zealand food regimen is wealthy in seafood.

“Pipis” are a kind of small clam. Different native shellfish embrace “Paua” (abalone), the well-known “Bluff oysters,” also called “Flat Oysters” or “Mud Oysters,” and New Zealand’s Inexperienced-lipped mussels. The “Koura,” a local freshwater Crayfish, is prized for its delicate, candy flesh.

New Zealand’s lakes and streams additionally brim with trout (Rainbow, Brown and Brook) in each the North and South Islands. New Zealand Whitebait are additionally frequent and very fashionable — they’re smaller and sweeter than their English and Chinese language counterparts.

Marine fisheries embrace Yellowtail Kingfish, Snapper, Blue Maomao, Marlin, Swordfish, John Dory, Trevally, Kahawai (Australian Salmon), Gray Mullet, Blue Cod and Bass. There are additionally a number of Tuna fisheries together with Albacore, Skipjack, Bigeye, Yellowfin and Southern Bluefin.

British Beginnings

Like Australia, New Zealand’s conventional meals finds its roots within the humble nation cooking of the British Isles. Settlers introduced with them recipes like mutton pie, scones, potted meats and rock desserts.

Polynesian Affect

Earlier than the arrival of settlers from the British Isles, Maoris ready meals utilizing strategies equivalent to steaming, smoking, roasting or drying.

Regardless of restricted cooking assets, they have been adept at making ready “Hakari”, enormous banquets, the place feasts could be cooked for hours on sizzling stones utilizing the normal “Hangi.”

Maoris have been extremely expert at searching, fishing and grew crops of potatoes and “Kumara,” also called the candy potato.

Upon the arrival of the settlers, Maoris have been fast to adapt new strategies of cooking and discover the makes use of of overseas flavors.

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