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Khlea, Khlii – Definition – Moroccan Preserved Meat

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Le khlii, khlea, ou kleehe, est une preparation culinaire propre a la gastronomie maghrebine, notamment utilisee dans les cuisines algerienne et marocaine, a base de viande generalement de l'agneau confite dans de la graisse.Une variante consiste a utiliser de l'huile d'olive au lieu de graisse..

Le khlii, khlea, ou kleehe, est une pr paration culinaire propre la gastronomie maghr bine, notamment utilis e dans les cuisines alg rienne et marocaine, base de viande g n ralement de l'agneau confite dans de la graisse.Une variante consiste utiliser de l'huile d'olive au lieu de graisse..


Moroccan Arabic: خليع

Khlea (additionally referred to as khlii) is a kind of Moroccan preserved meat or jerky, normally comprised of beef. The meat is minimize into strips, marinated with cumin, coriander and garlic, after which dried within the solar earlier than it is cooked in a combination of animal fats, oil and water. The meat, as soon as cooled, will preserve for as much as two years at room temperature when packed within the cooking fats.

Within the days earlier than fridges have been widespread family home equipment, preserving meat served a really sensible function.

Some rural households nonetheless depend on khlea for storing meat, they usually’re the almost certainly to make khlea in giant portions yearly. Different Moroccans buy khlea just because they benefit from the distinctive taste it imparts to conventional Moroccan dishes, and rotate it into their diets together with different meats, poultry and fish.

How you can Use Khlea or Khlii

Like different dried meats and jerky, khlii tends to be powerful in texture. To counter this, minimize it into small bite-size items when serving it with eggs or different shortly cooked dishes. If including it as a filling for breads or pan-fried dough, comparable to meloui with khlii, finely chop it. 

The khlii will tenderize a bit when subjected to further cooking, as is the case when it is added to stews or couscous preparations. For this function, you’ll be able to minimize it into giant bite-size items and add it with different substances firstly of cooking.

Most Moroccans will even cook dinner with the fats during which the khlea is saved, even after all of the meat has been used.

The fats can substitute butter or oil in sauteed or pan-fried recipes; it could actually additionally substitute oils usually added for stewing meats, beans or greens; and it may be used so as to add taste to rice, breads, and rghaif.

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kh-lee-a OR kh-lee

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