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What Makes Wine Kosher for Passover

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Whether you need fresh produce, glatt kosher meats, grocery items, or a catered event, Kosher Kingdom is South Florida's premier Supermarket for all your kosher needs..Pesach foods generally require special Kosher for P.over certification. Regular kashrut certification is not sufficient for Pesach, and many foods that are perfectly kosher year round are not kosher for Pesach. Look for a "P" not the word "pareve"! to the right of the hekhsher, like the one at top right, or the letters KFP Kosher for P.over or KP, or the words Kosher for P.over in .

With wine presenting such an integral part of the P.over holiday, the vast majority of wines and all fine wine is made kosher for P.over, enabling it to be consumer both on P.over and all year round where the level of kosher stringency is lower ..

Query: What is the distinction between kosher wine and kosher for Passover wine?

Reply: To ensure that a wine to be kosher, it should be created beneath a rabbi’s fast supervision, with solely Sabbath-observant Jewish males touching the grapes from the crushing part via the bottling.

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