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What’s the Difference Between Jam, Jelly, and Marmalade?

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Jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves … these phrases get tossed round so much, and generally appear to be virtually synonymous. However every of those is a discrete and completely different factor. This is how you can inform the distinction. 


That is the umbrella time period that encompasses all the opposite classes. Broadly, it means fruit that has been processed with sugar to increase its longevity. Complete or chunks of fruit in syrup are an instance of a protect, although jams, jellies, marmalades and the like are also strategies inside this method.

Within the case of high-acid fruits, preserves may be processed by water bathtub canning to make them shelf-stable for long-term storage, or they are often frozen. 

Low-sugar preserves are generally thought-about to be preserves with lower than 55% sugar content material. Since sugar is required to permit common pectin to set, various pectins, like Pomona’s Universal Pectin, could also be required. 


The phrase “jam” usually will get used to explain virtually any fruit protect that goes right into a jar, however if you wish to get technical about it, jam is fruit that has been cooked with sugar, and puréed or mashed to a spreadable texture. It’s also cooked till it reaches a set, both with pectin, or sugar. True jam needs to be spreadable, not chunky, and shouldn’t be runny. Except for being unfold on toast, jam is mostly used as a filling in baked items, like cookies and tartlets. 

Freezer Jam

Freezer jam is completely different in that the fruit will not be cooked, however puréed recent, and mixed with a particular pectin that creates a set.

It’s then saved within the freezer till desired to be used. As a result of the fruit will not be cooked, freezer jams retain a brisker fruit taste.

Fruit Butter

Fruit butter is fruit that has been puréed and cooked right down to a thick, spreadable texture. It tends to have much less sugar than jam, and because of lengthy cooking time, much less of a recent fruit taste.

Apple butter is the most typical, however fruit butters may be constructed from virtually any fruit. 


Compote is complete or items of fruit both cooked in syrup or cooked in sugar till the fruit releases its personal juices. Spices could also be added for taste. It may be loved as a dessert by itself, or used as a sauce. 


Like jam, jelly depends on pectin to kind a set, however jelly begins its life as simply the juice of fruit, not the pulp. Fruit juice is cooked with sugar; pectin or acid might must be added to get a set. Within the case of high-pectin, high-acid fruits, like citrus and apples, no additions could also be required. Fruits which have little pectin, like strawberries, would require the addition of pectin. Jellies needs to be clear and shiny. Relying on the sort of pectin used, the set might fluctuate. Lemon or apple jelly, for instance, utilizing solely the pure pectin of the fruit, might have a smooth, virtually free set. The favored Thanksgiving condiment cranberry sauce is in reality a jelly. Added pectins could make the set more and more agency. With the addition of pectin and acid, jellies may be constructed from non-fruit bases, like pepperstea, and even Guinness beer.


Mostly constructed from citrus, marmalade is a jelly with items of rind or fruit suspended in it.

Orange marmalade constructed from bitter Seville oranges is probably the most well-known, however marmalade can be constructed from lemons, limes, kumquats, and different citrus. In reality, the origins of marmalade don’t come from citrus in any respect, however from one other high-pectin fruit, quince; the phrase marmalade derives from the Portuguese phrase for quince, marmelo. To make citrus marmalade, the fruit is cut a certain way to expose as much of the rind as possible, releasing the maximal quantity of pectin and making a set.

Pâte de Fruit

Fruit paste, generally known as fruit cheese, is jam or jelly that has been cooked right down to a really dense texture. It may be sliced, and is often served alongside cheese, or loved as a sweet. The Spanish membrillo, constructed from quince, is without doubt one of the most well-known varieties, although different variants are constructed from figs, apples, plums, and different fruit.

Fruit leather-based is a fruit paste that has been unfold in a skinny layer previous to ending, making a sheet. 


A preserve is a protect constructed from items of fruit and nuts; generally each recent and dried fruits are used. Conserves are common in France, in addition to in Italy. For instance, within the province of Emilia-Romagna, they make a preserve ​with quince, apples, pears, nuts, and saba, or diminished wine grape juice. They’re generally served as a condiment with cheeses.


Within the Indian Subcontinent, chutney covers a variety of condiments and dips, however particularly within the realm of fruit preserves, chutneys are chunks of fruit cooked with sugar, vinegar, and spices. They’re generally served alongside spicy meals as a balancing aspect. Chutneys have grow to be a serious a part of British delicacies as effectively. Mango chutney is the most well-liked, however chutneys are constructed from many various fruits, together with apple, pineapple, and persimmon


Just like chutney, mostarda is a Northern Italian condiment constructed from chunks of fruit cooked in sugar till candied; mustard oil is added to the syrup so as to add a spicy taste. It is usually served alongside the boiled meat dish generally known as bollito misto, however can also be glorious with cheese.


Fruit curds are creamy spreads constructed from fruit juice, butter, and eggs cooked over a double-boiler till it turns into a custard. Lemon curd is the most typical, however curds may be constructed from different citrus, like grapefruit, in addition to virtually some other fruit. If gelatin is added to lemon curd, it may be used as a layer in a lemon meringue pie.

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